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Maryann Moreland

" I have multiple dogs & when they were given these treats from MyHappyDog123, they ALL wolfed them down and begged for more! That's a taste test from MULTIPLE mouths 🙂 Definitely an A from me and my gang! "

-- Maryann Moreland
Gretchen Warren

" Flash and Coco go crazy when they see me pick up one of your treats! They usually only get apples for treats so when they get a meaty homemade, fresh treat from you they lose their minds, in a good way, of course! "

-- Gretchen Warren
Wendy McArthur

" Great healthy products for your dawgs! Each snack is Lovingly handmade by a terrific couple , who gives so much back to the homeless, shelter animals in our community. "

-- Wendy McArthur
Bryan Steinberg

" My puppy Charlie absolutely loves your homemade treats, especially the rabbit and carrot ones. I will be sure to tell all my friends about MyHappyDog123. Thanks for offering such fresh and healthy treats for dogs! "

-- Bryan Steinberg
Veronica Gonzales

" My dogs, Owna and Buster, LOVE these treats!!! "

-- Veronica Gonzales
Jan Bolton

" Natural products. Owner adds personal touches. Delivers orders to your door. My dogs love the treats. "

-- Jan Bolton
Karen Moulton

" Mocha is a huge fan of ALL the treats. "

-- Karen Moulton
Shannon Harley Walker

" Great Gourmet dog treats! Great stocking stuffers. "

-- Shannon Harley Walker
Kimberly Wright Knowles

" Our pets love these treats and you should probably hide them lest they be gone when you turn your back! "

-- Kimberly Wright Knowles
Rhoda Vanderhart

" Awesome treats lovingly made by two of the best human beings on the planet! "

-- Rhoda Vanderhart